Product Description
Fade 2 Normal An eye cream that is focused on eliminating crow’s feet and fine line wrinkles, maintain all day skin hydration, removal of upper eyelid sagging, reducing puffiness and bags under the eyes, fading of dark circles under the eyes, and to create a brighter eye appearance. A fragrance free formula
Launching August 2019, Discounts on Pre-Orders beginning July 2019
Fade 2 Youth A daily serum that is focused on creating healthier skin, with the use of peptides, botanicals, and vitamins that creates a firmer skin structure to reduce the development of wrinkles
Launching 3rd Quarter 2020
Fade 2 Smooth A daily cream that is designed to erase the appearance of deep furrows and creases in the skin by lifting the basement floor of the wrinkles while building much needed collagen and elastin.
Launching 1st Quarter 2020
Activities to Launch Products in Development
Fade 2 Normal Facial Serum Fade 2 Smooth
Ingredient Research Complete Complete Complete
Draft Formulation Preparation Complete Complete Complete
Raw Goods Procurement Complete Complete
Bench Formulation of Product Complete
Test of Formulation Complete
Stability Testing of Product Complete
Go or No-go decision on Formula Complete
Pilot Batch Manufacturing of Formula Complete
Stability Testing of Product from Pilot Batch Complete
Go or No-go decision of Formula from Pilot Batch Complete
Package and Component Design Complete
Addressing Regulatory and Labeling Issues Complete
Manufacturing Large Quantity Batch for Launch Complete
Filling and Packaging Complete
Anticipated Launch Dates Launching July 2019 3rd Qtr. 2020 1st Qtr. 2020