Feneaux Beauty Care is focused on bring to the market the best facial care beauty products for skin. The goal is to create products that eliminate the visible signs of aging along with improving the skin’s overall health and appearance.

Feneaux’s three products in the developmental pipeline are focused on eliminating the appearance of all type of wrinkles.

  • The aim is to create a healthier skin environment were collagen and elastin are built to give greater support to the skin.
  • To eliminate the appearance of fatigued skin around eyes and the entire facial area.
  • To reduce the appearance of wrinkles (Crow’s Feet, Fine Line Wrinkles, and Deep Wrinkles)
  • To develop products that creates healthy looking skin.
  • To help skin stay hydrated all day (24 hours)

The parent company of Feneaux Beauty Care has a successful history of developing hair care products and the next step for the company is to create high quality skin care products for better skin health and appearance.

The Company has decided not to out-license the skin care product line. Feneaux Beauty Care will market these products directly to you, the consumer for a maximum savings. Our high-quality skin care products will not appear in retail outlets or department stores, therefore, reducing the mark-up prices that these retail stores require.

Our parent company has created two lines of hair care products:

  • The first hair care product line that was developed, was a line of shampoos, conditioners, scalp treatments, and booster products for customers that have fine and thinning hair,to stop hair loss, volumize existing hair, and to improve the scalp’s health so that hair follicles that are not permanently dormant will begin to grow. This product has been licensed and is marketed in professional salons.
  • The second hair care product line that was developed, was an at home hair straightening system (like the blowouts and keratin straighteners but do not contain formaldehyde or aldehyde that are health hazards) that eliminates curls, frizz, and waves for three months. Customers who have curly and frizzing hair can apply the system at home and save hundreds of dollars in salon costs and still have professional looking, long-lasting straight hair for a fraction of salon prices. This product line has been licensed and is marketed in many retail chain stores throughout the United States.