What our loyal customers say about

Fade 2 Normal

I love this product, no residue is left on the skin. When I smile or have any facial movement no longer do crack and lines appear around my eyes.

Iara M.

My make-up and foundation will dry my skin but since I’ve been using Fade 2 Normal, my skin feels soft and I do not have long dry looking lines around the corners of my eyes.

Terri G.

It is true, something in the eye cream is making my wrinkles smaller by the day. I can tell the lines are smaller when I am putting on my makeup every morning. The lines seem smaller and I hope that soon they will disappear.

Janet K.

My dark circles are going away, I’ve used Feneaux for a month and I can actually see the darkness under my eyes becoming lighter in color.

Barb D.

I love this product. My skin is softer, and the rough spots have vanished, for once in my life I have smoother skin.

Debbie T.

I can not afford to have surgery to help the hooding above my eyes, so I decided to give Fade 2 Normal a try. I was disappointed for the first couple of weeks then one morning I began to notice that the sagging was beginning to recede. It does work and I am going to keep using it.

Danielle V.

I got a bottle of Fade 2 Normal for the bags under my eyes. I used the entire bottle and the bags were reduced. I ran out of the cream, but the bags did not return immediately like other products. I am using it again, and I love the results.

Sonia B.

I don’t wear make-up and I always look for facial care products that keep my skin hydrated. After using Fade 2 Normal my eyes look better and better every day. Goodbye wrinkles!

Reda B.

The results were not immediate, the name says it all. It does take time to see the results. My crow’s feet are almost gone. This is a fantastic product, if you have the patience over time you will see the results.

Pat H.

My husband gave me the greatest compliment the other night, he said my eyes are looking sexy! Thank you Feneaux.

Brenda F.

This is so much better than my old nighttime eye cream, it makes the skin around my eyes so much softer and in the mornings my skin is still soft. I really like Fade 2 Normal.

Judy L.

After the second bottle my under eye bags and crow’s feet slowly began to disappear and now I’m getting compliments on how nice my eyes look.

Kathy C.

This eye cream just glides on. I feel the skin around my eyes look fuller and better after I use it twice a day. Make up goes on easily. This product is so easy to use, just put it on and let it absorb then put on my makeup, no waiting.

Jada V.

I really like that Fade 2 Normal does not leave any residue on my skin and I can quickly apply my make up and be ready for work.

Gloria C.

I love this product, no residue is left on the skin. When I smile or have any facial movement no longer do crack and lines appear around my eyes.
My skin is firm but I don’t feel like it is tight unlike another product I used in the past. After using, my skin is still very soft and it does not have a film around my eyes, also the tiny wrinkles have disappeared. Once my makeup has been applied, I do not have any visible cracks appearing around or under my eyes. This is good stuff.

Janice G.

After I applied Fade 2 Normal, my skin began to tighten, and my wrinkles disappeared. I put my makeup on, and you could never tell that I had an eye cream under my foundation. Believe it or not, if you follow the directions and use it twice a day, in a few weeks to a month you actually begin to see the results of fine line wrinkles and crow’s feet fading away.

Jan G.

I am a stay at home mom and I don’t have time to do make-up to keep the wrinkles from appearing. I bought Fade 2 Normal because I wanted to eliminate my wrinkles. It worked and I love it.

Erika V.

I wore my sunglasses all the time to hide my under eye bags and dark circles. After using it for several months, now I don’t have to wear my sunglasses anymore. This is a great product.

Laura M.

The packaging looks great and when you pump the top just the right amount comes out to apply without smearing and excessive rubbing. One pump for my puffy bags and another pump for my lines around my eyes.

Henry N

Fade2Normal eye cream is lightweight and easy to absorb. I used it twice daily and the bottle last forever… Reduced puffiness around my eyes almost instantly. I would strongly recommend this product!


I LOVE the fade2normal eye cream. I’ve been using it for around 3 months now and have noticeably less dark circles, bags and general puffiness around my eyes. It’s always been a huge confidence issue for me. Thank youuuu!!

Charlotte G

This product is so amazing, it is doing as it promised. I have used for 6 months and my skin looks years younger.

Victor H