Are You an beauty Influencer?

Feneaux Beauty Care is recruiting beauty influencers to promote our multipurpose eye cream product in the United States. Our eye cream is called “Fade 2 Normal” and has many external and internal benefits to help skin look younger and healthier in just a few weeks.

External and Internal Benefits of Fade 2 Normal:

  •  Lines, micro-wrinkles, and fine line wrinkles disappear in minutes.
  •  Crow’s Feet, Expression lines, and deep furrow wrinkles are reduced in length and depth in
  • weeks.
  •  Dark Circles fade away over time.
  •  Under-eye bags and puffiness is reduced in size and magnitude.
  •  Upper eyelid sagging begins to recede.
  •  All-day hydration of the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.
  •  Increased synthesis of 3 important components for younger looking skin:

o Collagen
o Elastin
o Hyaluronic acid 

The best results are seen when Fade 2 Normal is used twice daily on clean moist skin.

Why the funny name, Fade 2 Normal? Our eye cream is not magic, it’s a very effective scientifically researched and developed product that works overtime. Skin fades to a beautiful appearance over time.

If you are interested in becoming an influencer for Feneaux Beauty Care please fill out the form below for consideration.


John Gray